Monday, June 21, 2010

5 Months

Miss Kherington, you are 5 months old today!


You are changing so quickly and we adore interacting with you.
Chunky Monkey, at five months old...

-You weigh 17 pounds!

-You are almost 25 inches tall

-You still won’t take bottles so you sip breastmilk from a cup when necessary

-You enjoy floating in the pool and splashing

-You explore our faces with your hands

-You are getting good at the “tri-pod” sit

-You finally rolled over, but rarely do it

-You always sleep in the car

-You enjoy your play gym, your saucer, and your walker

-You love books, even turning the pages in your board books

-You have started fighting your afternoon nap

-You got your ears pierced and only cried for a few seconds

-You wear clothing up to size 12 months

-You eat rice cereal and I can’t wait to explore new tastes with you next month

-You went to the beach and enjoyed the feel of the sand

-You always want to see what is going on

-You have some serious thunder thighs

-You suck your entire fist when you get hungry

-You are always happy and being around you is truly a pleasure





KrisKay said...

Look at that personality coming out!!! I can't believe she is FIVE months already! I think she gets cuter and cuter with every passing day.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

These are such great shots! LOVE the headband on your sweet girl! You must share where you got it!
Great pics, sweet baby!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Ok, I went to the Banner Boutique on etsy, and they sell, well, banners! Am I looking up the wrong thing?

Heidi said...

She is almost bigger (longer) than the blanket! Love those smiles!!!

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