Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Tuesday after Memorial Day 2009 we learned that we were pregnant with Kherington.

We prayed that our third time would be the charm.

And Oh! What a charmer she is!





What a difference a year makes.

We thank God for the privilege of raising one of His beautiful children.


Jessica said...

She is such a gift and I'm so glad to see how happy you all are after all of the struggles you guys experienced. I have no doubt that you are a stronger family because of it and I imagine that Kherington was worth the wait!

Rob and Nicole said...

She is so beautiful! All things happen for a reason and those things make you stronger and who you are! Rob and I found out on April 1st! It is amazing what can change in a year! GOD IS GOOD!

KrisKay said...

A gift indeed!!!

Kent and Jenna said...

Wow, she is breathtaking! What a special day!

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