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Baby Carrier and Sling Reviews

I adore baby wearing.

I started because I was obsessed with my precious baby and didn’t want to put her down. Oh, and for the bonding.

I still do it because it makes her happy, it allows me some freedom, it’s cute, and it beats pushing a stroller.

It is handy when you don’t want a hundred people to ask to hold your baby, or when being close to you is the only thing that soothes your babe.

There are many, many benefits and I plan to do it as long as she’ll let me. {and then I’ll start in on her brother(s)/sister(s)}

But like most anything in the baby product industry, the selection out there is overwhelming.

I’m certainly no seasoned expert, but I AM opinionated. So I’ve reviewed every carrier I’ve tried.

Furthermore, I’ve asked my real life friend Kristin over at iDocument, who is a mama to three handsome boys to review her carriers.

Hope our babywearin’ can give you some useful guidance...


Carrier- Moby Wrap
Approximate Cost- $40
One Place to Buy- Full Circle Baby (New Braunfels!)
Weight Limits- preemie-35 pounds (even twins!)
Carry Options-8 holds including front, back, and hip
Pros- This wrap is extremely soft and customizable. It comes in a bunch of great colors and is affordable. It seems to be the most comfortable for baby since you can adjust so many different aspects of it. The instruction book shows countless tying/positioning options. Feels very secure while moving about.
Cons- It is a lot of fabric and takes a little practice to get good at tying it. In the summer, it is just too hot for Texas. The Baby Daddy won’t wear it. (even though I got burnt orange!)
My Take- Great for winter as it keeps both of you warm. It never hurts my back because the weight is evenly spread and can be adjusted. Also, you can spread the fabric to cover up post-baby blubber. When I wear it at church I tie it on the side so the knot doesn’t dig into my back while sitting. You can put the baby on your back alone, but it is much easier with help. I adored the breastfeeding hold when Kherington was younger because I could walk around buying groceries while she discreetly nursed and then nodded off. I can still breastfeed in it, but it isn’t hands-free. A-


Carrier- Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling by Dr. Sears
Approximate Cost- $60
One Place to Buy-
Weight Limits- 6-25 pounds
Carry Options- 4 holds including front and hip
Pros- Adorable patterns. Well padded shoulder strap, adjustable ring. Comfortable to sit, stand, or move while wearing. There is a pocket on the outside for keys, phone, etc. The Baby Daddy doesn’t mind wearing it. No spare fabric in the way, like some ring slings.
Cons- You only wear it on one shoulder at a time, putting more strain on your back. Only goes to 25 pounds.
My Take- This is my “go-to” sling because it is so easy to throw on. Kherington loves the hip hold, and it allows me to use both hands and get things done. I wear her in this sling for hours and get loads of compliments. I breastfeed in it, too. A


Carrier- Infantino Wrap & Tie
Approximate Cost- $30
One Place to Buy-
Weight Limits- 8-35 pounds
Carry Options- 3 holds, front and back
Pros- Shows tying instructions on the inside, so even Baby Daddies can figure it out. No adjustments, clips, or rings to worry about.
Cons- It says babies can face outwards, but I have found it too uncomfortable for Kherington because the fabric is so wide that she is doing the splits. Only two color/pattern options. Knot can only be tied in the back, which hurts if you sit down. Also, the straps make back fat and love handles more noticeable.
My Take- This is fairly comfortable and ideal for 3-4 month olds (front) and then for 8-10 month olds (back). I got this as a free replacement for the recalled Infantino Sling (which I loved). I’ll use it since I have it, but probably wouldn’t buy it again. B-


Carrier- Hotslings Pouch-Style Baby Carrier
Approximate Cost- $40
One Place to Buy- All Modern Baby
Weight Limits- 8-35 pounds
Carry Options- 3 holds including front and hip
Pros- Simple. Instructional DVD and demonstration card.
Cons- Fabric feels cheap. It is not soft or stretchy. The padding is minimal.
My Take- I hated this sling and returned it right away. To be fair, mine was too large, even though I used the sizing chart on the back of the box. Still, this sling was not comfortable for me. C


Carrier- Ergobaby
Approximate Cost- $100 - $150
One Place to Buy-
Weight Limits- birth (with insert) to 40 lbs.
Carry Options- 3 holds including front, back, and hip
Pros- Very comfortable and can be worn for an extended amount of time. Easy to get on and off (very!). Child is very secure while in the carrier. It has a hood for sleeping baby, or to shade the baby. Can be worn by moms or dads without purchasing 2 carriers. Babies can comfortably sleep in this carrier. Truly handsfree.
Cons- Hard to sit while wearing the carrier/baby. It gets a bit hot when wearing your baby in the summer for long periods of time. Baby cannot face out while being worn in the front. The waist strap accentuates back fat. It's a bit pricey, but honestly you can get this carrier and purchase no stroller!
Kristin’s Take- This carrier is a lifesaver! I wear my 9 month old daily and on occassion my 2 year old and it is so comfortable . I highly recommend the Ergobaby. It is simple to use (with no help from others) and is very comfortable. To me this carrier has been priceless. A++


Carrier- Zolowear (ring sling) Solstice
Approximate Cost- $90
One Place to Buy-
Weight Limits- birth (with caution) to 35 lbs.
Carry Options- 4 holds, including front and hip
Pros- It's great for sitting or standing. It's easy to use (once you get the hang of it). It is stylish and looks good with most outfits. It has a handy pocket for a pacifier, wipes or even a diaper. It's flattering (no back fat being squished!). It comes with an instructional DVD for ease of use. It's made in Texas! This carrier allows you to discreetly breastfeed.
Cons- Not so cute on men. It hurts your shoulders if worn for long periods of time. It's tough for older babies to sleep in this carrier.
Kristin’s Take- I love my sling, but I wear it only when I know it won't be an extended period of time. I usually wear this one when I'm more dressed up and when I know I'll be both sitting and standing. B

Others I would like to try: Babyhawk, Kozy Karrier, Karma Baby, Ergobaby (maybe I should just try Kristin’s on!)

UPDATE: I was given an Ergo Baby by a friend and it is now my fave! (especially for 5 months and older) It really is an A+!


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Great job Chels!

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this is a great post! I can't wait to wear my baby someday! ;)

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