Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming Soon...

Remember my friends at CSN Stores? They have zillions of amazing items like le creuset cookware and baby furniture galore.

I've done some giveaways in the past, and I will again soon.

But just this once I have to be selfish...

They are giving me credit toward a video baby monitor... and all I have to do is tell you guys what I think!

I didn't register for one of these doo-hickies because I thought they seemed useless... made for over-protective moms. But I'm changing my tune and I want, I want!

So coming soon... my honest opinion about the SVAT Levana Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor. {phew, that's a mouthful!}

Then you'll know if you need one your own self!


KrisKay said...

You are gonna love it!!! I can't live with out mine... and I have only had it a couple of weeks!! YAY for you!

Loni said...

Prebaby I was the same, I didn't need a motion sensor monitor, those were for the paranoid moms. A little over a week old my baby quit breathing (freak incident thank God) and I went out that day and bought one, now I wish I had a video monitor too and he's 21 months old. Next time around I'll have one for sure!

Diane Moellering said...

I love our video monitor,,, we got it when we found out that we would need 2 monitors and could not find a regular monitor with 2 attatchements... we love it! it is really helpful on those nights when you have a fussy baby and you would normally just run in their room and then they were just dreaming and you wake them up... now we hear some crying we check first to see if they are awake... but my advice is to get one that you can add an additional monitor down the road:)

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