Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Um, I invented Post-Its"

Last weekend was my ten year high school reunion. Romy & Michele reminded me how cool Post-Its are.

And today just happens to be Post-It Note Tuesday over at WannaBe SupahMommy's.

So here goes nothin'...


Carrie said...

LOL, I would LOVE to find a crib sheet that ACTUALLY fits a mattress. So far, hasn't happened.

Oh, that hair loss thing is a bitch. Should stop after babe is around 10-12 months :)

Visiting from Supah's. Happy PINT!

Anonymous said...

My hair is finally starting to fill back in thank GOD!

Oh, I LOVE the Clouds and Stars Zip sheets, it was one of my best purchases! Especially now that Isaac sleeps on his tummy and even with the overnight diaper it always leaks (because he now sleeps through the night, yeah!).


They aren't waterproof so I put a flannel waterproof pad underneath so I don't have to change the mattress pad too.

Chelsea Lietz said...

VERY interesting! Thanks! I wish they were a bit cheaper... or matched Kherington's bedding... ha!

I've been using the tie-on sheet savers. And they rock.. but you still have to change the sheets every once in awhile!

KrisKay said...

I'm so laughing! Yeah, startling a nursing baby = OUCH!

I wish I had lessofanass... grass is ALWAYS greener!

KrisKay said...

Oh and I totally thought you were going somewhere else with the Romy and Michelle reference, ha!

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