Monday, July 12, 2010

What Not To Do

This is the perfect example of expressed breastmilk that should not be fed to your baby.*


*Disclaimer: The baby was spending the night with the in-laws, so Mommy had a few beers with friends. The milk this MilkScreen test strip was dipped in went down the drain.


Bobbie said...

At least you DIDN'T do it! When Ainsley was only a couple days old, I thought I was superwoman, so I skipped a dose of pain meds. The pain got so bad, the doc told me to take a double dose. We had to wake Ainsley up, after she had been asleep for 7 hours and she was like a wet noodle! I drugged my newborn!

KrisKay said...

Well deserved R&R for a hard-workin' mama!

(Gurl, that is DARK!) :)

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