Friday, August 13, 2010

Video Baby Monitor Review

I got a video baby monitor and I couldn't be happier!

Remember my original opinion on them being only for helicopter parents? I'm changing my tune!

The following is a review of the Svat Electronics Levana Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor- BabyView20.

CSN Stores gave me credit towards this item in exchange for a review... but my review is completely honest and objective.

My monitor arrived promptly, shipped directly from the manufacturer. The Baby Daddy set it up, but he did so in 10 minutes or less.


I've been using the monitor for 2 weeks for my 6 month old, and here are my thoughts...
{and yes, I chose to leave the crib bumper on 3 of the 4 rails. and yes, we are about to lower the mattress. keep your judgements to yourself, thankyouverymuch}



Affordability- at $149, this is one of the most affordable video monitors on the market. Considering my reguar monitor was $80, this one is worth every penny.

Clarity- the picture on the monitor is crystal clear, almost as good as my professional digital camera viewing screen. I can see baby's eyes and face clearly, and can even see her breathing. Even the automatic nightvision is perfectly clear. {my photos just can't do the image justice}


Range- We have never had any issues with interference. And the range is so good, I can go outside to the hot tub 40 yards away and still see our angel dreaming!

Mounting- this is one of the few video monitors on the market that offers crib mount or a shelf stand. I had no shelf near the crib, so mounting it on the crib was perfect for us. Someday she may try to play with the camera... but you know what? I'll see it happening!


Features- from the handheld monitor, you can turn on a variety of comforting lullabies for your babe. Or if you need to check on her, the camera has a built-in dim nightlight, perfect for a quick peek.

Ease- like I said, it was easy to set-up. It has battery and plug-in options. It has a one year warranty. easy.

Vox Mode- genius. Turn on vox mode and the video screen turns off. If your baby makes a peep, it pops back on so you can see what the fuss is about.


No Sound-Only Mode- besides vox, there is no way to listen without the screen being on. This is an issue for me because I use a sound machine in the nursery... meaning that I can't use vox mode because the ocean waves continuously turn the screen back on.


Brightness- the screen is so bright and clear that it nearly lights up our entire bedroom. Since I need darkness to sleep, I have to turn off the screen or face it toward the wall. (you can adjust the brightness on the screen... but you don't want it so dark that you can't see the baby)

No Add-on Availability- my biggest complaint. other video monitors on the market allow you to add an additional camera for an additional kid, and then the monitor scans between the two. This would be immensely helpful when baby #2 comes along.

Would I recommend this product? Yes! Would I buy it again? Yes! But if you have multiple kiddos, I'd also suggest looking into another video monitor sold on csn, the MOBI AV that has the ability to add another camera. (I didn't get this one because the camera can not be mounted on the crib)

You know what?! I can see on my amazing video monitor that Kherington is starting to stir from her nap. Better use these last five minutes to load the dish washer!


KrisKay said...

Yay! I love mine too... I want to invent a video monitor-walkie talkie combo. That way when I see Kouper getting out of his bed before it's time I can tell him to get back! That would be awesome!

Maria Claudia said...

I've used one for over 8 years, first with Jaden (until she was 3) and now with Kendal. I highly recommend them to ANY parents!

Luciano Ruocco said...

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