Tuesday, September 21, 2010

8 Months

Kherington Grace, eight short months have passed since I first wrapped you in my arms and basked in your beauty. You were perfect then, and you just get better every day.


Monkey, at eight months old:

You weigh about 21 pounds.

You are 26.25 inches tall.

You are SO close to crawling.

You scoot backwards and wiggle forwards.

You are still breastfed, but also love eating solids twice a day.

You suck on your toes.

You are getting the hang of the pincer grasp and self-feed fairly well.

You enjoy grunting, growling, and screeching quite vocally.

You are close to signing "all done" and waving "bye-bye."

You are doing great at Mother's Day Out four days a week for a few hours.

You calm when I sing "Jesus Loves You."

You love being tossed in the air and pretending you are falling.

You play well with others.

You enjoy musical instruments.

You are still a happy, content, laid-back baby.

You are loved.









Jenni said...

she has the best expressions! Love her little chubby face!!!

Lauren Lea Warren said...

and you have beeeeutiful blue eyes! love the pics!

KrisKay said...

Have I told you that I miss her?! Oh she is just gorgeous... and has a beautiful temperament.

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