Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mouse Hounds

Remember my penchant for collecting animals?

Example 1 and Example 2.

I've gone and done it again, friends.

Meet Blondie and Buttons, our new barn cats.


{no, I didn't name them. Blondie!? really? I'm thinking Wrangler and Cinch would sound better with Lucchese, Stetson, and Luckenbach.}

They are adopted from Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in Kendalia, TX.

I made the half hour drive to Kendalia and got my first glimpse of 190 acres of animal nirvana. I saw cattle, deer, ducks, sheep, geese, horses, and birds... and that was just from the front gate.

One of my friends used to work there and so I knew the employees and volunteers were a bit crunchy, shall we say?

I also knew these people did really great things for a lot of animals. But I won't lie, I laughed out loud at this:


Um, right. As I drove (worm-crushing speed) to the facility, I could see the safari-clad workers glaring at my gas-guzzling SUV. I felt the judgment.

Random cats, dogs, turkeys, ducks, peacocks, and squirrels roamed around.

I climbed out of the car and eyes softened a bit as they saw that I'm a babywearer. I wondered if I could casually mention that I breastfeed and cloth diaper, too. Probably not.

Kherington strapped to my back, I approached the woman with the friendliest of the dour faces. I wondered if she could smell the steak on my breath. I was pretty sure she'd had tofu and celery.

But all animosity cleared when she learned I was there to adopt, and not to dump some unwanted animal.

Blondie and Buttons were happily handed over with fond farewells. They'd been there three years, so we were all glad they were getting a permanent home.

I cheerfully made a donation to such a fine establishment. And secretly wondered how much I'd have to donate to get a peek at the bears, big cats, wolves and primates. I love big cats and primates.

But I decided that sticking around would undoubtedly lead to me taking more animals home. And then my adorable loving husband might move out. So I wisely made my way back out the gate, watching for spiders and snakes, of course.

Um, not.

So... just in case you are wondering, that brings our ranch total to six cantankerous cats, three dirty dogs, one mimicking macaw, two handsome horses, one ornery zedonk, about twelve head of cattle, countless wildlife, and of course... my chunky monkey...



KrisKay said...

What a cute chunky monkey she is!

I loved reading your story!! You're such a great writer my friend.

Jenni said...

Congrats on the new additions to your family. I still think the word ZEDONK is hysterical! ;) I'm such a city girl!

Love your chunky monkey best though!

Chris and Katherine said...

All the animals are cute, but none so cute as your little monkey!

Adorable hat, too! Where did you find it?

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