Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Girls

This silly girl young woman is my little sister, Elisa.


She is one of my very favorite people.
And the fact that she loves Kherington just melts my heart.
Ah, I love these girls.

Last week E asked me to teach her about photography and using the manual settings on a camera.

So... all of the following photographs are by Elisa. :-)

Some of them are cropped tighly, but she actually got some very nice bokeh.





sissy000 said... did a great job of photography! That would be great if you become interested in that! Chelsea will be a great teacher! Kherington looks very happy to be with her "big sis"! Love, Sissy

Jenni said...

Some great pics there...and really how can you go wrong with such beautiful subjects????

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