Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Perfect Present

The economy sucks.

Money is tight for most everyone.

Skip is building his own business from scratch.

Not to mention the busted vacuum and the fridge on the fritz.

So as the holidays approach, I'm planning on finding the perfect present... but this year I'm shopping smart.

I want to buy all gifts with cash only. No charging.

I want to buy affordable presents, purchased with thought.

Giving is fun, shopping is not.

You already know that I prefer shopping online. {bah humbug? sure, the first trip to the mall is jolly and cheerful with the music and the merry people... but that quickly morphs into long lines, lugging boxes, fighting for parking spots, spending more than planned, heavy bags that cut off your circulation at the wrist, snapping an aggravated child in and out of the car seat, wandering about aimlessly seeing if anything for Aunt Suzie just magically appears, fighting traffic, and impulse buys for yourself or your crazy cute kid. or maybe that's just me...}

So I'm going to take advantage of things like Amazon Mom, where you get free 2 day shipping. Or, where you get cash back for shopping on sites you were already going to shop on.
I'm going to support sites like Etsy where stay at home moms make personalized, handmade, unique creations. They have something for everyone!

I'm going to support small businesses. Especially ventures that my friends are invested in... like my friend Courtney that sells thirty-one, my friend Darcy that makes cute baby clothes, or my friend Erin that makes jewelry. {You should support your local photographer!}

I'm going to support good causes. I love this site, where purchases raise money for breast cancer research, the rainforest, child health, literacy, world hunger, and animal rescue.

I'm going to handmake some of my presents.

Flea markets, thrift stores, eBay, and kids resale shops aren't out of the question, either.

So bring on the shopping!

{but not the stress!}

What are you doing differently this year?

What tips or treasures do you have to share?

Please tell me you aren't one of the fools out shopping at 6 a.m. on black Friday...


Jenn said...

As a former Retail Maven for many, many years, I absolutely DETEST Black Friday. You will never, ever find me in a line the day after Thanksgiving. I'll be cuddled up at home watching football. Now, my sister does the Black Friday shopping and last year she scored me a Barbie Jeep for McKenna for less than $80. I'll let her do my shopping for me :).

I've never really shopped for the holidays online, but I really think you're on to something with Etsy. Also, I have a cricut machine of my own and I've made personalized gifts for people in the past so I might do that as well!

I'm typically the "last minute" shopper - like the week of Christmas I'm running around on my lunch break to find the "perfect" gift, which is really only the "perfect" gift because it's available right then and there.

I really need to put more thought into this.

Diane Moellering said...

WE decided before our children were even born we sat down and had a long talk... we decided... our Children will only get 3 presents for Christmas just like Jesus. it works out great for us. We really don't worry about what other kids will say when they get into school when all there friends get all these presents because they will know the story of what Christmas is really all about:)

Jenni said...

I'm making homemade gifts from Matt for my mom and sister. I bought two small canvases and some Crayola paint and each day let him paint on the canvas with one color, then the next day, when it dried, we'll add another color. He'll have a blast and get messy and my mom and sis will have homemade gifts from Matt!!!

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