Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Nearly} Wordless Wednesday


{How Longhorn fans felt this season}


KrisKay said...

True. BUT, she is still so darn cute! We'll be back, hook 'em horns!

Hanna said...

HI there! I am your newest follower. I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely!! You can find me at
Take a peek at my giveaways if you come by. I've got 6 handmade, gorgeous ones going on now:)
awwww....poor little darlin'. She sure is cute!!

sissy000 said...

Baby Kherington can already feel the pain of a Longhorn loss....that's okay...she's in for many more wins in the future! Love, Sissy

I'll check out Hanna's giveaways!

Jessica said...

And I could certainly understand why...something tells me that they'll regroup and pull things together again! Don't worry, Kherington!

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