Friday, January 21, 2011

12 Months

And then she was ONE!


Kherington, my toddler, at twelve months:

You weigh 23 pounds and 15 ounces

You are 30 inches tall

You are walking!!!

You have 3 words and 3 signs

You can’t get enough yogurt

You kiss every living creature you come across

You squeal with delight when you see the cheerios box, your Sissy, or that we are going outside

You adore your hand-me-down play kitchen

You wrinkle your nose and your eyes when you smile, mimicking me

You look exactly like your father when you sleep and when you dont want to wake up

You think it is hilarious to feed the dogs from your high chair

You can unpack a bag or empty a drawer in two seconds flat

You love spending time with your cousins

You like practicing drinking from a big girl cup

You are still obsessed with socks

You are fairly adept at communicating your desires

You like cake!







Jenni said...

Oh my what precious pictures!!! Happy first birthday Kherington! You are a much loved little girl. I hope to meet you one day soon!

Love, Aunt Jenni!

Lauren Lea Warren said...

Happy Birthday Kherington!!! Kisses from Me and Luke :)

sissy000 said...

So beautiful!

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