Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten Signs You Are a Breastfeeding Mama

Photos by Jenn Zindler

Top Ten Signs You Are a Breastfeeding Mama

10. You have boasted about squirting distance.

9. You know the terms let-down, foremilk, hindmilk, udder cover, hooter hider, latch, football hold, and lanolin.

8. You are the first to know about new teeth.

7. You plan entire outfits around the ease of getting a breast out in public.

6. You have to wear two sports bras to go for a jog.

5. You are low on freezer space.

4. Your hungry babe can pull your shirt off faster than your old college boyfriend could.

3. Your husband calls your nursing undergarment a “lunch lady bra.” {painfully true story}

2. You have noticed milk stains on your shirt, looking like targets, while out in public.

1. You have a happy, healthy, well-fed babe!

Disclaimer: I am not judging those that couldn’t or chose not to breastfeed… I’m just celebrating those that did!

In fact, I'd love for you to read this post by Becoming Sarah about the feeding decisions Mamas make. It is called "Lactation: I Respect Your Choice." Great Stuff!


Brooke said...

Those are cute!! I read Sarah's post about lactation, and although i haven't had to make the choice yet or "judge" someone who has made a different choice than I, or in fact, been judged by my decisions in baby raising, I really appreciate her sentiments on the subject and copy+saved the article to reRead when I need to hear those words in the future. LOVE YOU PINKY!!!

KrisKay said...

Lunch lady bra! Hilarious(and true)!!

Mindy said...

your making me cry! I miss breastfeeding!

oh, and you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight!!

Mel Bowman said...

My favorite is definitely Lunch Lady Bra. You should trademark that!

sissy000 said...

Way too funny from my continually creative lovely daughter! :) Sissy

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