Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FAQ- Photography

I am a passionate person. I'm passionate about Christ, my family, and photography. Lots of other stuff, too. But nothing else gets me more questions from you!

Photography was my minor in college and evolved from a hobby to a professional career. As a busy working mom, I wish I had more time for it. {I really need to update my website and keep up with the business blog}

For now I'll keep squeezing in shoots, editing until I go crosseyed, and dreaming of the studio I'll have some day. {with much more room than I've got now!}

The number one question I get from blog readers these days is "when are you going to have another baby?" Number two is "where did you get the name Kherington?" Maybe I'll answer those later... maybe.

Number three is "What kind of camera do you use?" And I'll answer. But too many people think the magic is in the camera. The magic is in knowing how to use it. An expensive camera is worth every penny, but it won't do you a bit of good if you shoot in "auto" mode. But I digress...

My equipment:
I shoot with a Nikon D700. It is my best friend. Kidding... sorta.
I have a Nikon 17-55mm 2.8 lens and a Nikon 50 mm prime 1.4 lens
My backup camera is a Nikon D90.
Then I have an old Pentax K110D {many photographers shun pentax, but I stand by it}
I have a Pentax 50mm prime 1.4 lens, a Pentax 28-80mm 3.5 lens, and a Pentax 80-200mm 4.7 lens.
I have various flashes, filters, a lens baby, and all that cool crap.

My settings:
I almost always shoot in RAW format.
I use manual mode 60% of the time, aperture priority 35% of the time, and other modes for various reasons. My camera is never in auto mode unless I'm handing it to someone else to use.

My studio:
I have a very small space with backdrops, studio lights, softboxes, and far, far too many props. When at all possible, I use natural light.

My editing:
I edit with  Adobe RAW, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and sometimes Adobe Lightroom 4. {I still miss a real darkroom}

The second photography question I get is "how do you make the background blurry?" This is called bokeh and you do it by changing your aperture. You want a small number, which means a large shutter opening, which decreases depth of field. Look in your camera manual for aperture settings. I heart bokeh.

Thr third photography question from you guys is a general request for tips on photographing children and babies. First, turn off your flash! It isn't flattering to anyone. Try to put baby by a window and use natural light. If you go outside, shoot in the shade, not the direct sunlight. Experiment with angles... get down on the floor at their level. Focus on details like feet and sparkling eyes. I like naked babies or solid, non-distracting outfits. When they get older and are on the run, increase your shutter speed. Posed shots are good, but make sure you get those sweet kids-at-play photos, too. Let them be themselves!

Finally, keep practicing. I'm still learning every day. I take classes, read books, try new things, learn from other photographers, etc. I get better with every session.

I hope I answered your questions and didn't bore you too much.

Back to Kherington and every single cute thing she does! {as if that doesn't bore you!}

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KrisKay said...

I don't understand all of that stuff you just said. BUT, I do know that you take damn good photos!!

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