Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Daughter...

Hoarder of socks.
Remover of fridge magnets.
Eater of yogurt.
Giver of kisses.
Shaker of booty.
Mimicker of sounds.
Stealer of food.
Wearer of cloth diapers.
Climber of dishwasher.
Lover of kitty.
Shaker of head.
Demander of breastmilk.
Player of instruments.
Turner of pages.
Adorer of baths.
Emptier of drawers.
Snuggler of monkeys.
Sorter of laundry.
Generator of laughs.
Feeder of puppies.
Raiser of eyebrows.
Stealer of hearts.


KrisKay said...

She's such a big girl!

sissy000 said...

Our granddaughter....
Chaser of our kitties,
Pecker of computers,
Begger of Sissy's phone,
Artist of Sissy's makeup,
Raider of cabinets,
Jumper of trampolines,
Feeder of birds,
Climber of stairs,
Mommy of babies,
Lover of Sissy,
Lover of TaiPan.

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