Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parenting Products #2

As I enter new stages in my kiddo's life, I like to share parenting products that are currently rockin' my world. Remember this post when Kherington was teeny tiny?

If they are ever paying sponsors or gave me their product for free {like some of my reviews}, I'll make sure and tell you. Otherwise, I'm just an adoring fan!

Favorite Parenting Products #2:

1. The Munchkin Snack Catcher- hello clean floors and car seat, goodbye Mommy feeding baby one at a time! We use this daily. It rocks.

2. The mamaRoo- After seeing one of these brilliant contraptions in action {and drooling over the sleek design}, I entered a contest every day to win one from 4Moms, and it worked! You can expect a full review and love letter when we have another wee babe to rock. But this baby swing moves in unique ways {like a Mama!}, hooks up to your iPod, and is sure to make your baby happy!

3. Clouds and Stars QuickZip Crib Sheet- genius! I hate changing those tight crib sheets.... pulling out the mattress and wrestling the sheet on. It's awful. This sheet zips around the edge so you never have to pull the mattress out. The zipper is protected and doesn't ever touch my baby. I resisted for months because it didn't match our cute bedding. But now I'm a believer!

4. Badger Basket Corner Changing Table- Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful that I chose this changing table. I love, love, love the feet-towards-me design. Even wiggly toddlers don't roll around, or off! It fits in the corner and holds all my crap. {err... poor choice of words?!}

5. Ergo Baby Carrier- I've been a baby wearer since the beginning. I've used 5 or 6 different carriers {rememer this review}, but the Ergo is now my go-to. It is awesome in all sorts of ways, but what it comes down to is comfort, for Kherington and for Mommy. {even with a 24 pound toddler!}

6. Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food- I am not the "only organic" type and I don't buy fancy baby food. But I love to buy some of these varieties every once in awhile. They offer really unique combinations that include hard-to-find things like spinach, rutabaga, and broccoli. Kherington is now almost completely on adult table food, but when the dinner I cook isn't as healthy as I'd like, she scarfs these down with gusto.

7. LeapFrog My Pal Scout- Kherington adores her green puppy that sings to her and calls her by name! A simple toy that you plug into your computer and customize with your child's favorite things, name, and songs. Very affordable.

8. I Like it When by Mary Murphy- this is one of Kherington's favorite books, and mine, too! The bright colorful penguin photos catch her eye and the simple child-directed words are interesting, positive, and keep her eager for more.

Also... coming soon is an update on my Cloth Diaper Review. As Kherington's needs have changed, so have my favorite cloth diapers. I'll share the poop scoop very soon!

But tell me, what are your favorite parenting products?


Anonymous said...

Funny, I've been meaning to do a post just like this but I haven't gotten around to it!

I love my zip sheets (did I suggest those for you?) I also love my Ergo although I don't use it as much now as when Isaac was smaller and cried in the stroller. I also bought the infant insert for the "early" days and didn't find it very helpful, but the carrier is awesome.

I have the snack catcher also but right now it's more of just a shake toy, and the snacks do come out if shaked hard enough! Still working on that one.

So, is another wee one in the works!?

Kouper Shane said...

You know that Kylar's ErgoBaby and I are tight! It was a lifesaver last week when he had RSV... sick baby = love to be held. I love those long spoons that you introduced me to! I'm still hooked on BumGenius one size diapers too... Oh and by far the best thing we've purchased... DVD player with dual screens for the car! Lifesaver on a 12 hour drive!

sissy000 said...

Kherington was teenie weenie?? Don't think so and I can't wait until you need the mamaroo!!!

Mel Bowman said...

I love my homemade wet bags now that Aidan is potty trained during the day (but still has accidents). I love my portable DVD player for keeping Aidan happy in the car so I can drive safely from point A to point B in our horrible winter weather. I love lego duplos and cheap matchbox cars because we can spend hours playing with them. BUT probably the best thing I've bought is a Strider bike.

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