Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letters to Kherington

Dear Kherington,

These days you all Go! Go! Go! 

You usually don't even care if I'm behind you.

But I always am... keeping you safe, helping you learn, and marveling at your inborn sense of wonder. 

You just want to Go! See! Do!  And I celebrate that.

Sometimes I am dragging my weary, nauseated body along and then it happens...

You reach your pudgy little hand up for mine expectantly.

And it melts my heart every time. Twenty times a day.

Sometimes you just want help down the stairs, like I taught you.

Sometimes you want to lead me to your high chair or your changing table, more aware of your own needs than I am.

But sometimes...

Sometimes you want to lead me on an adventure. You are going exploring, and I get the supreme privilege of tagging along.

We visit the horses or pick flowers or chase puppies. We inspect bugs or pop bubbles or bury our toes in the dirt. We point at airplanes or taste grass or find out what a goat horn feels like. We look under rocks or splash in puddles or feel the wind on our faces.

We are Adventurers! Explorers! Discoverers! Imaginers of all things magical.

I cherish those times with you, sweet girl. 

Some day you will prefer to explore without me.  And I will still be proud of you. 

But for now I will cling tightly to your sticky little hand and know that I'm the luckiest Mom in the world.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your magic.  Love, Mama


Brooke said...

Love it! Gave me goose-bumps! : )

Bobbie said...

Tears as usual:) Miss y'all!

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