Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{Nearly...okay, not even close to} Wordless Wednesday

Sissy and Tai-Pan after Kherington's big announcement...

I love that they are just as excited about grandchild number SIX as they were about the very first one!

We are so blessed.


KrisKay said...

What a lovely photo!!!

Bobbie said...

I feel the same way! My parent's have #4 on the way, and I love seeing their's a grandparent thing I guess:)

Mindy said...

are you pregnant?!

sissy000 said...

Learning about Baby Lietz #2 was SUCH AN EXCITING EVENT! Sissy and TaiPan were a "little slow" at getting the message even when plastered on Kherington's t-shirt reading "BIG SISTER"! (I thought it was another "hand-me-down"!)

Just as you "young ones" are blessed with each of your children, no child's arrival is less "exciting" than the other. Each is a gift from God and reason to give thanks for another healthy, happy legacy for us all to enjoy!
Additionally, I am grateful that Chelsea and Skip did not have to bear the stress of endless failed attempts at conceiving nor fear of another miscarriage....thanks be to God and modern medicine. We all pray for his/her safe delivery in September or October! I've got my Sissy scheduled cleared! :)

Brooke said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations again!! So very excited for EVERYONE!!!! : )

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