Monday, March 7, 2011

A Picket Fence and 2.5 Kids

Heard multiple times a day:

Them: "You're pregnant?! Oh, wow. Congrats!"

Me: "Thank you! We are so excited."

Them: "Was this an 'oops'?"

Me: "Nope, this is a blessing. A miracle, really."

Them: "You are really going to have your hands full."

Me: "Yes. It should be an adventure!"

Them: "Now you can have your little boy and be done. The perfect family."

Well.... maybe. 

And maybe we have another girl and that is our perfect family. 

Or maybe we find that three children completes our family.

I don't know, yet.

But it sure is fun finding out!


KrisKay said...

I wanna see you have 2.5 kids... that would be cool

Paige said...

don't you love getting everyone's comments on YOUR life?
People always ask if I'm done now that i will have one of each.....I'm with you...a 3rd is definitely a maybe! :-)

NWPauley said...

Ugh! People would say that to me all the time! Then we found out we were having a boy and everybody had a comment about that too. I'm glad everybody on the planet thinks one boy and one girl is "perfect". lol

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