Monday, April 18, 2011

Mama Bear Says...

Dear Ya'll-Know-Who-You-Are,

I'm pregnant and hormonal.  What's your excuse?!

If you make one more comment that suggests a boy is the only positive outcome of this pregnancy, I might claw your eyes out.

You are welcome to a gender guess, and even to your own preference. So long as I don't hear you imply that either outcome would be less than desirable.

Maybe you are just being nice and making what you feel is a harmless comment because you think we want a boy. Or you want us to have a boy.

But it makes me feel like you think a girl is less of a prize.  A miracle.  A blessing. A beautiful gift from God that will be just perfect, because He makes everything and everyone that way.

I want this baby no matter what. It is what it is. A son would be awesome.  A sister for Kherington would be so fun!

And when you act like only a boy is worth celebrating, it makes me want to keep my adorable, precious girl(s) from you forever and ever. You don't deserve their giggly, pig-tailed company.  Because clearly they aren't as special as a boy, right?

Clearly we didn't hit the jackpot if we don't have one of each, right?

Bite me.

I'm pregnant and I can be rude.  What's your excuse?

Love, Mama Bear


Jenni said...

You tell 'em!

So, it's a boy, right? LOL


KrisKay said...

I predict it will be a happy, healthy sibling to Miss Kherington and her menagerie of animals!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love this!!! Im pregnant with my second boy and everyone thought hoped and prayed for a girl for us. BUT surprise boy and oh well bc after a miscarriage and lots of fertility pills I could care less! The world does think that a boy and girl in a family is the perfect world, ha.
Even my mother in law was "so sad" for me, well dont be, bc we didnt get pregnant to have a girl but to have a healthy baby and give our son a sibling :)
LOVE this blog

sissy000 said...

My baby girl never says BITE ME. Must be the hormones.We ar with you all the way on boy or girl. We just hope he or she is as beautiful as you are!

Brooke said...

Heck yeah Chels!!!!!

Paige said...

Why does this convo sound sooooooo familiar?

Bobbie said...

You're better than I am! I got SO sick of, a LONG time ago, hearing, "Wow! You sure have your hands full!" I can "get" that people are either making conversation and/or trying to be "nice". Problem is, I don't take it as a compliment. I find it more of an insult. They're either thinking that my kids must be heathens and/or I'm not capable of taking care of them. What mother doesn't have her hands full?!? Because of this all too frequent annoying comment, I now respond with, "My kids are a blessing, but you're getting on my nerves." That's why I said, you're nicer than me:)

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