Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marketing Your Small Business

I have long wanted to put vinyl lettering on my car to support my growing photography business.  But to be honest, I assumed it was expensive and needed to be professionally installed.

But my friends at Build A taught me otherwise.  Not only is most vinyl lettering under $40, but they send detailed instructions for installing it yourself.  And it gets better... they sent me a free sample in exchange for giving you guys my honest opinion. So here goes...

The website is awesome.  You design and customize to your own specifications. You can preview how it will look. Couldn't be simpler or or more affordable.

The package arrived quickly, rolled up in a firm canister to avoid damage.  The instructions were as claimed, detailed and easy to follow.

We cleaned the window. Measured and taped the letters where we wanted them. And then peeled the backing...

And that part didn't go perfectly. Not even close.  But we followed the directions and used a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

Then...  voil√†!

We ended up with a tiny wrinkle or two, but you can't even tell.  I am very, very pleased!

Reckon this means I'm official now.

Guess I better stop picking my nose at red lights.


Melissa said...

Nice Texas Exes sticker! (From a fellow Longhorn) :)

Jordan said...

I still am very excited about the shoot we're going to do when my niece gets here. She finds out on Tuesday whether she'll be induced next week. I'll keep ya posted!

KrisKay said...

My, what strong arms you have!

Maria Claudia said...

Did you know that Kevin knows how to do that? He worked at a car wrap design shop, and he learned how to do it :) You did good though!

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