Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Since January 1, my family has seen nine doctors.  Isn't that absurd?! Especially for a young, healthy family.

But we are so lucky to be in good hands and have good care.  Here are our latest updates...

I saw my OB last week and the baby sounds great. Everything with my body is right on track. I began feeling the baby move over Easter weekend... well, at least for the first time that I could be sure it wasn't gas!

I am, however, covered in a freaky rash.  Doc thinks I had an allergic reaction to something.  But I haven't changed anything like lotions, soaps, detergent, etc., or eaten anything new or had shellfish... so we are stumped. First they tried high doses of antihistamine... which made me crazy sleepy, with what I termed restless leg syndrome.  Skip had to rush home to care for KG while I slept and twitched! (and tried not to scratch)  It is an angry red rash (not hives) on my legs, forearms, and a little on my belly, and it itches like mad.  Doc tried a new prescription drug and so far no relief. It just got puffier. At least, he said, the chance is minute that it could ever hurt the baby. And no, doc doesn't think it is the common pregnancy rash, PUPP.

Kherington saw her pediatrician for her 15 month check up and is a model patient. She is about 80th percentile for size and her language is advanced for her age.  But she did develop yet another ear infection... which means more antibiotics that give her a wicked diaper rash.

She also saw her hematologist for a follow-up visit.  Her iron levels and red blood cell size are both now normal! Doc was very pleased and is confident her bone marrow is working properly.  We found that Kherington did inherit one copy of the MTHFR gene mutation from me.  This doesn't mean much now.  But it means that she can never smoke and can never take birth control pills.  When she gets to child bearing age, she will also need folic acid and aspirin like I do.  But this is nothing serious and knowing this might help save some heartache when she gets around to giving us grandchildren.  {which will be wonderful! but I must say that talking about my ONE year old smoking and having sex is just eerie}

But the real excitement comes next week when we have another level 2 ultrasound with my high risk doc. I just can't wait!!! Photos coming soon!

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sissy000 said...

All great news! Well, except for the rash! Wish I had been home to relieve you when you needed the sleep! Oh, I will come home someday! So glad that KG's blood reports, etc. are good! No birth control? This should be interesting! Love, Tia

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