Friday, May 27, 2011

And Baby Makes Four...

I have heard many, many parents, upon the anticipation of their second child, wonder if they could ever love another child as much as their first.

While I think this is a completely normal and rational worry {that always ends up to be for naught}... It has never even crossed my mind.

I feel like I have SO much love in my heart that I could never stop loving my family madly and deeply and equally, no matter how it grew or changed.

I could adopt a child and love him or her just as completely and passionately as one knit in my womb.

I love my "little sister" from Big Brothers, Big Sisters like a real sister, or maybe even more like a daughter.

My family is my family, no matter when or how they arrive.

I look at Skip and my cup runneth over.

I look at Kherington and my heart swells up so I think it might burst.

I feel an unborn child squirm inside me and I well up with tears of joy and gratitude, for I already love her unconditionally.

God blessed me with a big heart.  I might be sensitive and emotional, but I'll be loving my family like crazy until the end of time.

All because God first loved us.


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