Thursday, May 5, 2011

From My House To Yours

A letter for my mother.

Dear Mom,

There is a path from my house to yours, grass worn down by bare feet and paw prints.

It leads from my porch, through the oleander, over the trampoline, past the bird cage, and to your welcoming back door.

For the love in both of our homes has overflowed into the other.

Mom, I was always so fortunate to be your daughter. Then I was blessed to be called your friend. And for these past couple of years, I have cherished being your neighbor.

We held each other when babies and parents were lost. We hosted celebration dinners when good news was shared. We rocked comfortably in the quiet moments on the porch at sundown.

We laughed at livestock on the loose and reaped the rewards of our garden. We pontificated in the hot tub and pet dirty puppies. We prayed and we partied.

You made a best friend for life when Kherington was born. I have no doubt that some of her spark and zest comes from you. It is such a joy sharing my daughter with you.

I’ve built my own little family on this ranch, just 80 yards from the people that taught me what family is all about.

And though the boxes have been packed, these moments will always live in my heart. I know we will always be close. I know you are giving us room to fly.

But you’ll be here. And we’ll be there.

And there will always be a path from my house to yours.

Happy Mother's Day.

I love you, Chelsea


KrisKay said...

Beautiful Chels!

brooke said...

crying! I love you Tia Sissy!!!!

Bobbie said...

Can't believe the day is finally here! Once the foundation is there, distance doesn't matter:)

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