Sunday, May 1, 2011

Place Your Bets!

Okay, hopefully this is your last chance to vote boy or girl! Brother or Sister!

I keep getting these questions...

Sickness- I'd say it was slightly worse than last time. But... I wasn't doing acupuncture this time.

Cravings- Last time I craved sweet and juicy, especially canned fruit.  This time I'm craving salty and comfort foods, especially pizza.  {Pizza should be this kid's middle name.}  But... I'm the type of person that could eat pizza and sweets everyday for the rest of my life.

Weight Gain- Same as last time, slow and easy. But... that could change if the pizza keeps up!

His Weigth Gain- They say if Daddy gains weight too, it is a girl. And if not, boy.  He gained weight last time.  But... this time he seems to be losing!

Carriage- Last time I carried small and right out in front. This time seems to be a bit lower, which they say means boy.  But... maybe it is just too soon to tell.

Heartbeat- They say below 140 is boy and above is girl.  Kherington was always 160-185. This one has been 140-155.  But... science says this method is a load of crap.

Chinese Birth Chart- Last time it said girl. This time it says girl. But... these things are stupid.

Old Wives Tales- They say a girl takes away beauty and a boy gives beauty.  But... last time I felt more beautiful than ever and this time, less so.

My Gut- I guess boy.  But... I thought boy last time, too!

So... go ahead, make your prediction.

What? Did I scare you away with this post?  I didn't say you couldn't have an opinion.  I said you better not imply that either sex would be a bummer!


Myers said...

Well I am going to go with Boy because your symptoms are mostly different then last time. :) Either way I am sure you will be happy. Can't wait to hear if baby is a girl or boy!!

Mal said...


Bobbie said...

Well I already officially said boy on the website, so I'll stick with that:) I have no reason for picking boy, other than it would be fun...BUT I also think having sisters so close in age would be joyous! My real pick is a healthy baby:)

KrisKay said...

Definitely Birl! Wait, no goy. Oh I don't know.

Brooke said...

im guessing....GIRL! im not sure why...just feelin it! Cant WAIT to find out!!!!!!!

Jordan said...

i have a suspicion that is going to be another beautiful girl!!

Mel Bowman said...


Bobbie said...


Casey J said...

Yea, post already!! I'm guessing girly girl!

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