Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weaning & Weeping

The thought of weaning makes me feel like weeping.

Well, lots of things make me weepy these days.  Stupid hormones.

But I just nursed my daughter in the twilight... her long, less chubby body curled around my belly while her baby sister thumped from my womb. The chair rocked and both of us seemed to linger, in bliss.

It was beautiful.

It always is.

But today was the last time I will nurse her twice in one day.  After our weekend away, we will go to only once a day.  That will last a few weeks, and then we will really wean.

It makes me sad.  Kherington certainly doesn't want to stop. She doesn't need it, but she enjoys it.

But I believe it is the right time for us. For both of us, and for this baby I'm nourishing in another manner.

16-17 months exceeded my expectations and I am proud of us.  It wasn't always easy... sore nipples, a thrush infection from hell, being a slave to the pump, leaking at the worst possible times, and painful biting that led to bleeding. 

But I wouldn't change a single second of it.

I cherished those private moments with the baby I so longed for.  I celebrate my body for all that it can do. I thank God for the opportunity to nurse, and even to share my milk with another baby in need.

When I feel weepy, I try to remind myself that this will only leave me a 3-4 month hiatus from being an all-day-buffet, and then I begin all over again!

Bonding with another wee babe. Nourishing a child to health (and adorable chubbiness!) with only the gifts God has given me.  I look forward to it.

But if I feel this emotional about weaning my firstborn... just imagine what a mess I'll be when I wean my lastborn.  He or she might be 12 by the time I bring myself to do it!


Sort of.


sissy000 said...

Sounds just like your Mom when I had to "let go" of my precious baby Chelsea!

KrisKay said...

I am going to BF Kylar until he is 20! There are people out there who already think I'm crazy for BFing 19 months... funny thing is most countries feel it's normal to BF for 4 yrs. It was easier to stop with Kouper... because I knew Kylar was right around the corner. Good luck Chels and you're awesome!

praguegirl said...

Soooo sweet. I dread the day I have to wean. So glad God knows the desires of mine and Phil's hard-to have more children, which means I can keep feeding.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Weaning is bittersweet! Hope it goes easy for you!
I weaned my first 2 at a year old because I was pregnant and got the worst cramps every time they would nurse! It was sad for me, but they were both down to once a day at that point, and pretty much weaning themselves. My 3rd nursed until a few months after a yr. Not sure how long this last one will nurse, but I have a feeling he'll be well over a year.

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