Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Dearest

Dear Dad, (the dad I share my genes with)

Since I was little, I knew I was lucky to have you for a father.  As a child, I was keenly aware that being your "Pookey" was something very special. 

I will always remember the laughter and the trips and the simple moments that made my childhood happy.  I can still imagine the comfort and safety of sleeping in your arms. I thought you were super man.

And now? Now, I know that you are more.  You are the kind of man that people want to be like and certainly want to be around. You are happy and positive and uplifting.  You share your wisdom without being judgemental. You are caring and selfless and a servant of God.

You are incredibly awesome with your grandchildren... hands-on, understanding, fun, and helpful.  And you are beyond supportive of us as parents, even being supportive of breastfeeding... and that is rare! 

You might even be a better Tai-Pan than a Daddy. But it's a close call.

On this Father's Day, we want you to know how much we love and admire you.  We will be learning from you for a long time to come.  And you will be a father-figure to more people than you know.

The Great Tai-Pan is our tribal leader and we are so grateful.

Love, Pookey

Dear Daddy, (the Daddy I share my bed with)

Starting a family with you has been the joy of my life.  And seeing you grow as a father has deepened my love and respect for you.

You take good care of us and we enjoy rewarding you with kisses. {even if you have to work for them sometimes}  Kherington always has a big smile when you come home... and though I may be busy or tired or stressed, I always feel just as thrilled that Daddy is home.

When I envision our future, it is never lacking in smiles and laughter and love. (or little girls!)  I know God has good things in store for us, and I am so grateful that you chose me to be your wife and your parenting partner.

I have NO doubt that both of your daughters are going to adore you.  And these girls are going to know just how lucky they are to have such a cool dad.

Happy Father's Day, babe.

We all love you a million puppy kisses,
Chels, Kherington, and baby H

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