Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Griswold Family Vacation

Two weeks ago 13.5 "Kanes" decended on SanDestin, Florida for our annual family vacation. 

Sissy & Tai-Pan spoil us so!

The place was amazing... we all crashed in one cool penthouse suite at Baytown Wharf in SanDestin Golf & Beach Resort.  There was so much to see and do... aqua beaches with sugar-white sand, games, adventures, golf, shopping, great food, swimming pools, babies to chase, straws to draw to choose room assignments, etc.  We even got to meet up with friends that now live there. {Thanks Sanchez family for letting us borrow all of your cool beach toys!}

One night we got a babysitter and had an amazing dinner out.  I ate a huge platter of steak & lobster that was to die for!  And a glass of red wine... and cheesecake.  ;-)

I loved watching the cousins interact and play together. Benjamin was an active adventurer and Hudson was the smiley laid-back baby he always is.  And the girls... let's just say that if Kherington learned much from Julia and Harper, then we're in trouble!

I would have more photos... but this photographer allowed her waterproof camera to drift out to sea! {with a memory card full of photos] The shame!  I'm heartsick about it.

Family vacations are really something wonderful. The trip was full of adventure and special treats.  But my favorite memory was when Tai-Pan had all three of his granddaughters on the bed for a "wrestling" and tickle fest.  The girls were giggling out of control and trying to get away, all the while begging for more. Their laughter still rings in my heart.  Sometimes it's just the simple things in life...


Jessica said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad that you guys had a great vacation, but I'm sorry to hear about the camera. :(

Jessica said...

beautiful pictures!!

You know you are a talented photographer when you can be in the picture and take them too!!

and that's horriable about your camera. :(

KrisKay said...

Sorry you had to suffer through that trip. I really feel sorry for you.

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