Saturday, June 18, 2011

This & That...

-Like I said, sorry I haven't been blogging much.  I know you've been eagerly checking for new posts several times a day.         No?  Oh... well maybe just a few of you.  {Hi Aunt Brookey!}

-All of a sudden, Kherington is an excellent eater again.  Daddy taught her how to use a fork by herself and that helped.  But a new phase started and she is at least agreeable to trying anything again. phew!

-Today I popped a button off of my maternity shorts.  um... time to lay off the sweets?!

-From what I can see, Kherington is cutting 5 new teeth at once, including molars.  There may be more, but checking her mouth is truly risking life and limb... or at least digits.

-Texas is HOT already. Hits 100 or more most days. It is going to be a looooong summer for this pregnant mama of an outdoor-loving toddler!

-We have settled on the baby's name!!!  I adore it.  We will announce very soon, I promise.  But it starts with an 'H!'

-My "little sister" Elisa came to stay with K and I this weekend. When she wasn't being a typical teen on facebook, she held Kherington on her lap and read her Shel Silverstein for half an hour.  melt my heart...

-Kherington's communication is getting better and better.  More words and signs, and fewer grunts and frustrated cries.  It amazes me how quickly they learn.

-A few weeks ago Skip hit his first hole in one.  I wish I'd seen it, but it was still awesome!

-Kherington is currently obsessed with strollers, babies, ice cream, bottles (which she never used), her wagon, forks, shoes, her Sissy, and water.

-I'm already in nesting mode.  I'm nagging Skip to set up the crib... when in reality, I don't even have the bedding yet and Baby H won't be here for 100 days... and she won't even sleep in it the first three months since I use a co-sleeper.  But I enjoy decorating their rooms and I'm eager!

-Kherington has started pulling hair and sometimes hitting in the face.  Never other children, usually just me. And not out of anger, just because she thinks it is funny.  I'm not a fan.

-The pregnancy is going well.  A few scary things I've never dealt with, like spotting and round ligament pain... but both docs are positive that all is well.  Plenty of Braxton-Hicks lately.  Someone tell my uterus that it probably doesn't need to practice!  Baby H is breach and very, very active. Placenta is low again. Weight gain is good and back pain isn't too fierce yet. I'm lovin' it!

-Kherington has been an excellent sleeper lately. (well, mostly her whole life)  She sleeps 11-13 hours at night and still naps twice a day like a champ.  No complaints from this weary mama!

-I'm busy at home, at work, and with photography... so I'll post as often as I can. Don't go anywhere!

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