Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fatherhood Looks GOOD on You!

From the moment the doctor held up our baby girl in the delivery room, fatherhood became real for Skip. And from that moment he was excellent at it. 

He took photos of her, bathed her, spoke to her in loving tones.  He was man enough to remove his shirt and do kangaroo care bonding in the hospital.  He changed almost every diaper those first few days while I recovered.

When we got home, he did anything I asked of him. If I nudged him during the night, he went to her. {though really, there wasn't much point because he didn't have boobies} He dutifully took out the poopy trash each week.

He held her in his recliner as they watched football or basketball. He smiled each evening as I told him the newest cute thing she'd done. He laughed at baby videos that only parents and grandparents can appreciate.

From the beginning, Skip has loved his daughter.

But of all a sudden these past few weeks, he has COME ALIVE as a father.

It is a beautiful thing to see.

Kherington is more adventurous, more communicative, and more receptive.  She understands what we teach her and tell her.  She tests her limits and even plays games. She cuddles and kisses and tickles.

And now that he has someone to interact with, Skip is an even better father than I dreamed of.

Watching them together melts my heart.

He enjoys teaching her new things.

He soaks up her kisses and her love.

He even helps me discipline... a duty many fathers shirk.  {as much as you should discipline a 17 month old, anyway}  As we decide she is old enough for some behavior... like signing "please," or not throwing food on the floor, or petting the puppies gently, or picking up her own toys... I know he will always be consistent and help me teach her right from wrong.

He is patient and loving and steady.

He has been dying for the day that she becomes a "Daddy's girl."  And I know it isn't far off.

And if he keeps adoring his daughter the way he is now... he will never be undersexed again.

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Bobbie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! They don't have the instant bond like we do, they have to work at it. I love that moment in time when I realized I was watching Sam's relationship explode with his kids! Thankfully we have hubbies who make that effort and go above and beyond...we are blessed!

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