Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Double the Fun

Let me be completely honest.

There are days when I think Oh crap, I'm about to have TWO cranky, crying, pooping, snotty, needy kids?!?!

And only 20 months apart! How will I stay sane?!

I imagine twice the laundry, more sleepless nights, double the vomit when the stomach bug comes around.

I see one being potty trained while the other goes through diapers like sand through an hourglass.

I hear two different cries for mama. I see two wiggly bodies to dress and two knotty heads to detangle.

Twice the bad behavior, double the time-outs.

One will pull at my breast while the other pulls my hand to take her outside.

Two car seats to wrangle and four shoes to search for.

I know sometimes it will be more than twice the work and will take more than double the energy.

But I rarely go to this dark, scary place.

I'm not kidding myself, it won't be easy.

But when I wonder how I will get it all done...

I imagine two slippery bodies fresh out of the bath, two giggling girls on the bed between Mom and Dad, four bouncy pig tails in my rearview mirror.

I think of double the kisses and twice the hugs.

I know we will have infinitely more laughter. Oh, the laughter!

Double the bed time stories, two telling terrible jokes, twice the magic.

Two tiny voices singing off-key with Mama and dancing like maniacs.

I forsee sisters holding sticky hands and sharing secrets.

Twice the innocence and beauty.

With more than double the love coming our way... how can I worry?

We are too (two?!) blessed to be stressed.

I say bring it on...


Sandra J said...

I love this! You have such a beautiful way with words. What a great reminder; especially for those of us who have another on the way as well.

sissy000 said...

Accurate description of a family full of fun and love! Looking forward to the days and years ahead!
Love Sissy

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