Monday, August 22, 2011

Hadley's Happy News!

"If you surround yourself with the good and righteous,
they can only raise you up."  - Mark Glamack

Skip and I are extremely blessed to have some wonderful friends.  We know a lot of good people who aim to live Godly lives and strive to walk in faith.

So when it comes to choosing God Parents for our children, we have a lot of great options.  As with Kherington, we wanted someone for Hadley who believes in family, love, prayer, hope, and compassion.

As we began to think about the right choice for Hadley, we knew the perfect family!  And they have honored us by heartily agreeing!

Meet the Sanchez family...


Sam, Bobbie, Ainsley, Sammy, and John David

Not to be outdone by Kherington's plethora of God brothers, Hadley will have three God siblings, too!

Sam and Bobbie are great parents and fun friends that have strong Christian values and enjoy being active in their church. They are positive people who look for the good in others. They currently live in Florida...  but we know that no matter where life takes them, they will always love our daughter, be there for her, and support her on her walk with Christ.


We feel so blessed to be raising our children with people who raise us up, like the Sanchez and Kneupper families! 

And it doesn't hurt that they all have precious kiddos that we adore!


KrisKay said...

Perfect choice!!! Hadley will be so blessed with Bobbie and crew!

sissy000 said...

What a beautiful family, inside and out. Hadley will be blessed by your support along her path to Christianity. Love, Sissy, Hadley's grandmother

Bobbie said...

Don't even know what to say. WE are blessed and honored!

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