Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A KherBear Hug

Kherington Grace,

Today was a rough day.

I was stressed and sleep deprived, and you were a cranky beast most of the day.

This evening my body really, really hurt and I was resting on the couch, watching you play.

In your tired neediness, you were climbing all over me.  Clambering on my belly and my back really hurt me and I couldn't hold it together anymore.

I started crying.  No, sobbing.

Huge, uncontrollable sobs that stopped you in your tracks.

You studied my face.  For a minute, my scrunched features must have looked like a smile. You started to laugh along, but then you saw my tears and knew I was sad.

Immediately, you threw your tiny arms around my neck in a bear hug.  You kissed my lips and the tears off of my cheeks.  You put your monkey lovie on me and patted my back.

Your pure sweetness just caused me to cry more, and you alternated between hugs, kisses, and pats.

Though easily bored these days, you sat patiently beside me as my sobs turned to quiet tears, then sniffles, then hiccups.

After another big hug, you caressed my cheeks and then kissed my belly.  You began to walk away with your monkey, then turned around and brought it back to tuck into my arms.  I guess you thought Mommy needed it more than you did at the time.

At nineteen months, I don't know how you knew exactly that I needed.  But you did.

Your love healed me, Kherington, and made everything better. You are the sweetest child.

I know I will never forget today.  And I wanted to make sure that you knew the story, too.

And please know, Sweet KherBear, I will always be here to return the favor.

I love you like a bear loves honey, {And everyone knows that's an awful lot.}


KrisKay said...

My heart - melted! Isn't it amazing how your kind heart shows through in you lovely daughter? Yes, yes it is.

sissy000 said...

Too sweet of a description of a scene that I am sure is entirely accurate. KG can sense her mom's needs even at this tender age. Lord nows, Chelsea has sensed mine and provided me with moral support for 29 years! It keeps us mom's going! Thanks, God, for moms and daughters! I love you, Chelsea

Bobbie said...

*Tears* And people don't believe in God?! That is a pure God thing right there! <3

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