Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Baby

Dear Kherington,

In a few short weeks, you will no longer be the baby of the family.

Oh, but you will always be my baby! My first born! My sweet girl!


Once a baby girl, always a baby girl.

Before you become a Big Sister, I wanted to tell you some of the things that I will always remember from your babyhood.  It was such a happy and joyous time!

You were always a happy baby. You rarely cried.  The only bad crying fit I remember is the drive home from the hospital.  After that you were pretty laid back and content.

From the beginning you were an awesome sleeper! You loved to be swaddled and always slept with a sound machine playing ocean waves.  The first few weeks, the doctor made me wake you up to nurse.  And you were so zonked that we had to get you naked and rub ice on your back to get you to stay awake long enough to eat.


Speaking of breastfeeding... the first 2-3 days were really tough.  You wouldn't latch easily and didn't nurse as long as the nurses said you should.  But I was determined and you soon took to it like a champ!  You loved breastfeeding, as did I, and I nursed you until you were almost 17 months. 

Though your vocabulary is now exploding, I will never forget your sweet baby babbles.  Or your love of dancing and puppy kisses.  I will always remember the day you learned to crawl by copying Harper.  And of course some of your first steps taken on the beaches of Mexico.

You were quite the traveler.  And your "go with the flow" attitude fit right in with our family.  You visited Ruidoso, Nashville, Dallas, Longview, Corpus Christi, Mexico, Florida, and various other fun locales.


Your sweet milky baby breath will always be with me, conjuring up images of sleepy eyes and chubby hands upon my breast. I will always feel us, skin to skin, as we snuggled together in the early morning hours. I'll remember that you always slept anytime we were in the car and you absolutely refused to take a bottle... ever.

Looking at you now, I still see your chubby baby cheeks. I first saw them in your ultrasounds, I kissed them as you flourished, and now they are one of the last remnants of baby as you become a young girl. (those and your adorably chunky thighs)


You are going to be an amazing Big Sister.  And though you are eager for independence and so quickly growing and learning... I promise never to forget that you are still a baby.

There is no rush to grow up. 

I am still here to hold you when you need to be held, snuggle you when you need love, and I will always, always be here to dance around the livingroom like a crazy fool with you! Or even the grocery store.


KherBear, my heart is filled with wonderful memories of you, and we still have a lifetime to spend together!

I'm reminded of a line from one of our favorite books... "You're my sweetie, my dear, my smile and laughter. You're my playmate for always and my joy ever after."


Love from One Baby Girl to Another,


sissy000 said...

Such a sweet testament to our baby Kherington. She will be the BEST BIG SISTER EVER! Sissy just knows it! I LOVE YOU KHERBEAR!

KrisKay said...

Sweet baby girl, awesome mamagirl!

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