Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Acting Your Age

Dear Kherington,

We might not have reached your birthday yet, but you sure are acting two!

Every day holds a new adventure... tantrums, mood swings, testing your boundaries, ignoring us completely, stubborness, etc.

My first approach to discipline is positive reinforcement and setting a good example.  Even at your young age, I believe in calmly explaining why you should or shouldn't do something. It usually works.  You are a smart girl.

I believe in trying to limit the number of times a day that I say "No." I honestly think this might mean I have a toddler that says "no" back less often.  Plus, I'd rather explain proper behavior than be a fountain of negativity.

I also believe in giving you a safe play environment where you aren't temped into too much trouble.

But when all else fails, we try other methods.  Time out, however, has been a huge bust.  Um... you like it!  I can't threaten you with it to stop a bad behavior because you will just dash happily over to your time out chair and grin at me.

My Mama-is-serious-I'm-about-to-get-mad face and tone of voice have no affect on you whatsoever. (I don't get it, Daddy says I'm good at angry faces)

I've popped you on the bottom, but I guess the diaper padded it so much that you looked at me like I'd tickled you.

Taking away toys or priveledges isn't working.  Even bribery isn't working.

We are all learning as we go. Someday we will both laugh at all this.

But I might lose my mind if I can't get you to STAY OUT OF HADLEY'S BABY SWING!

It seems far too often I have to say "Kherington, I asked you not to touch Mama's camera." "No! Don't put a blanket on Hadley's face."  "I wish you wouldn't stand on the kitchen table." "Kherington, be careful not to jump on your sister." "Please don't spill your milk on purpose." "No you cannot have 6 oreos for breakfast."  and on and on.

I want to teach you right from wrong and raise a well-behaved, respectful child.  But I don't like having to police you every second.

So I am extremely grateful that we live on this ranch and that you love to be outside.

We head out the door and immediately you are the boss.

"Sit!" you command, pointing at my rocking chair on the porch.

I do, and you play.

Oh, do you play!

We have a wide open space for you to run without danger.  We have animals to pet, acreage to explore, sunshine to soak up.

I can keep an eye on you without holding you back. 

I can say "Yes!"  "Go! See! Do!" "Yes, KherBear, enjoy your adventure."

Plus, the puppies keep you company.


I love getting to tell you "yes!" and letting you run free.  All children should get to run free now and then.

I love you & your free spirit (even when you act two), Mama


J-Berg said...

Such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

Lindsey said...

Our older son loves our baby's swing as well. I finally just caved and let him swing (when his brother's not using it). He's totally over the weight limit but it hasn't broken yet. Plus, it helps with teaching him the concept of sharing! haha

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