Friday, November 11, 2011

Cloth Diapering * An Update

I've been cloth diapering (part time) now for almost two years.  Remember this cloth diaper review and this post and this one with some useful information?

Well, now that Kherington is about to potty train (hip hip hooray!) and Hadley will soon be starting cloth, I figured I should update some of my previous posts.  Preferences change as babies grow and as you find your cloth diapering groove.

So, without further ado... my number one, go-to diaper is the bumGenius 3.0 OS AIO. (one size all in one)  It is discontinued... go figure.  I also really like the new 4.0 AIO, but even at the largest setting, the fit is a bit snugger on my chunky gal.


Cute model, right?  Workin' that cat walk.


"Um, Mom? How many photos are you going to take?!"

I love this diaper because it is easy and reliable.  It comes with the perfect amount of absorption already sewn in. Thats right, NO STUFFING.  Of course, if you want to add more liners (for overnight or heavy wetters), you can.  But for everyday use, normal wetters don't need any stuffing!

Like a disposable diaper you slide it under the bottom and velcro it on.

That's all.

Great fit. Well made. Comfortable. Has never leaked.  I repeat... NEVER LEAKED!


We heart our bumGenius diapers.

In close second are gDiapers.  A little more fuss... but they are great diapers, good for the environment (I like the disposable liners that biodegrade or compost quickly), and cute!

I have several other brands like Fuzzi Bunz, Blueberry, and some fitteds. I use them all, but the BG 3.0 AIO is my favorite.

A few things more things you might want to know if you are considering cloth diapering:

I used to prefer snaps on my diapers, now I am hook & loop all the way. (my only exception is thirsties brand, they always popped open) They work just like a disposable diaper and stretch for a perfect fit.

I use Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent or All Free & Clear.  I dry in the sun anytime I can. Works magic.

You are "supposed" to wash cloth diapers every other day... but I've often gone 4 days and had zero problems. They don't stink in my pail and they wash up perfectly.

It isn't necessary, but a diaper sprayer attached to your toilet is worth every penny!

I purchased most of my diapers online.  But if I did it all over again, I would look for packages of 8-10 sold in bulk. (after I was sure I liked that diaper!)  Even better... I would buy used.  It might sound icky... but diapers that are well cared for easily last through more than one child.  If it doesn't gross you out, look around for used diapers in good condition.  bumGenius even sells refresher kits for used diapers in case you want to replace the velcro tabs.

My girls still wear disposable diapers, too.  When Kherington was born I tried most every brand out there.  But I never tried Luvs... thinking they were cheap and wouldn't work well.  I was so wrong, now I love them!  They are one of the most affordable options and I have never had a problem with them.

When I buy disposables, I use Amazon Mom.  You can subscribe for automatic deliveries with free shipping, and they end up cheaper than HEB, Wal-Mart,, and Costco!  Plus... you can cancel anytime, change your diaper selection/size, add or skip a delivery, change your delivery intervals, etc with no problems.  So easy. And more room in your shopping cart.

So... that's my take on diapers.  Do you cloth diaper? What are your favorites? Your tricks and advice?


Rob and Nicole said...

When I cloth diapered (used only cloth for 1 year) my favorite were bum genius 3.0. After using bumgenius detergent Abigail got really bad diaper rash and no matter how many times and different ways I "stripped" them I could not get them back to pre-bumgenius detergent! So...I sold them on ebay and now use disposable (usually costco).

MehrySondy said...

We love Fuzzi Bunz during the day and Bum Genuis at night. They have worked perfectly for us. When we travel we use Grovia. So glad I decided to use cloth!

Kouper Shane said...

Bum Genius were definitely my favorites. I did have to replace the velcro after Kouper was done with them. I wish I had gotten the AIOs, I had the ones with inserts... it can get nasty!

Katie of Cabbage Ranch said...

This is great feedback! I love cloth diapering but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. We use some cloth and some disposables, and I've always liked G Diapers. I love the interchangeable inserts so we can choose either washable inserts or disposable inserts. I have noticed that my baby sometimes gets a little red mark on the front of her hip from the insert snaps... Anyone else notice that?

hgardzina said...

Love my own diapers :) Can't wait to see a picture of them on Hadley.

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