Monday, December 19, 2011


Dear Kherington,

One day I woke up and we were actually communicating.

I hear you call "Mama" from your crib and I go get you and ask if you slept okay. "Yes," you reply, "weet dareams." (sweet dreams)  I ask what you want for breakfast and you say "Hilk. Pahcays. Peas." (milk and pancakes please)

But before we leave your room you say "Poop! die-bah."  You don't really have poop, but you do need a diaper. I change you and you demand "muntz-muntz! bay-bee!"  You want your monkey and your baby doll out of the crib so that they can accompany you to breakfast.

This continues all day.  You can tell me exactly what you want (and don't want!). We have mini conversations. You learn a new word after I use it once. You mimick sayings and slang that we use without realizing it. It is amazing.

Your vocabulary is incredible and your pronunciation is getting better.  So is my toddlerese.

But there are still many words that you mispronounce.  I find them adorable and I know they won't last long. So, I want to preserve them...

Your precious monkey lovey is either "muntz-muntz" or just shortened to the sound a monkey makes, "mmm-mmm."

My favorite word to hear you say is your name. "Kerry-tin" in a tiny, sweet voice as you nod and point to your chest or to a photo of yourself. Love it.

Your favorite food right now is "potsa!"  You ask for pizza at least once a day.  Followed closely by "CUH-cakes" and "CHOC-let."  I never seem to understand when you ask for "so-real," so you sign "cereal" and point to the box.

You often ask to "cor", "pay," or watch "tee-tee." (color, play, t.v.) In the car you ask for music by whining for "NATCH!"  (?!?)
You used to say milk just fine... but one day it was shortened to "ilk," and now it has become "hilk." Daddy and I try to correct this and it just makes you thirsty!

When we ask you to do something (and you aren't in the middle of a tantrum), you say "Sure!" or "OKAY!"

Your "thank you" sounds like "nunk nun."

At bedtime you can't wait to put on your "ajamas!" When we tell you that we love you, you answer "uv, too!"  Sometimes all on your own you give a hug and say "much!" which comes from me telling you that I love you so much.

I know someday I may wish you had a mute button, but for now I'm loving each and every word.

You're precious, kiddo.

Love, Mama


sissy000 said...

Sissy is learning a few of those Kher Bear terms, too....but my all time favorite is "I WUV YOU SISSY!"
Melts my heart!

Bobbie said...

Love this post:) John David somewhere along the way, from TX to FL, picked up a French accent! No joke, words like hamper, are pronounced "ham-pair"! If I say, "ham-pair", he'll laugh and say, "No no, ham-pair!", as if he's correcting me! It's hilarious and I love it!

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