Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Months

Hadley, you are two months old today!


At two months:

You weigh 10 lb 15 oz

You are about 22 in

You typically sleep a 6.5 hour stretch at night and then nurse every 3 hours

You smile some, especially when Kherington is in your face

You love lights and watching the world

You still get really gassy

You hold your head up and "sit" up well

You grasp things in your fist

You love vibration

You enjoy baths and kicking nude in front of the heater afterwards

You are an awesome baby!




Bobbie said...

After reading the other post, about the google search, one of those milestones made me laugh out loud...totally inappropriate:) Can't wait to squeeze her soon!!!

KrisKay said...

Love the bokeh and the baby girl!

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