Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Remember Me?

It has been so long since my last post that blogger didn't even remember me.

But here I am, making excuses again.

I've been busy.

Actually, busy is an understatement.

Owning my own business has been a dream come true.  And the success has been a wonderful surprise.  But I'm still adjusting, working to find the right balance between work and family.

And since the Holidays are EXTRA crazy for photographers, life has been even more hectic than usual.

I've found that instagram is the easiest way for me to document our lives and keep record of the girls as they grow {too quickly}.  I usually post at least one photo a day.  So if you instragram, please follow me!  Search for chelsealietz.  And if you don't use instagram... check it out, it is easy and fun!

But I plan to make time for blogging soon, too.  This is important to me and when I look back on the blog books I've already had printed, I'm reminded just how valuable and precious these memories will be to me someday. 

So I'll be back.

But for now, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Longhorn Life

 If you are a Lietz, you must be a Longhorn fan.

It's tradition.

Luckily I went to UT and fit right in!

But truly, we are Longhorn loco.  We have life memberships and season tickets and closets full of burnt orange.  We do tailgating and team chants.  In good times and bad, being a Longhorn fan
means it is always a good time. 

Now every year we go to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry, when we play OU at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair of Texas.  It is a big deal... I joke that it is our Christmas.  Pops & Dede do give us the trip and tickets as a Christmas gift... but it is much more than that.  It is the family time, the excitement, the amount of joy packed into one really fun day!

Pops has attended 42 OU weekends in a row. (seriously!) Skip has missed a few in his life for important things like serving overseas in the Army, and the birth of our second child last year.
Speaking of children, we start the girls early. Hadley wore the dress and bloomers that Kherington wore her first year... and fans everywhere were commenting and asking to take pictures of/with her... mainly her cute tush!

We lost this year.

But no matter, we still had a hell of a time.

And you know what?

OU still sucks.

The Longhorn life... it's a good life!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lil' Punkins

Last week was picture day at preschool.  Seeing as I'm a photographer, I never buy their photos.  But I still dress the girls up and cross my fingers just in case they get a magical shot that I've never gotten.

But this year...
chances were slim.

Hadley had a black eye and a bruise on her cheek from the many tumbles she takes as she navigates the world on still shaky legs. Kherington had fallen out of her chair at the dinner table and busted her chin open.

But they were still cute!
Then on the way to the car Kherington tripped and slammed face-first into the pebble sidewalk.  We added a busted, bloody lip, a scraped nose, and a CHIPPED TOOTH to the mix.


I haven't seen the photos yet.  But I obviously had to get some of my own.

Here is the evidence:
(I should have gotten close-ups)

And while I love shots of them just as they are because bumps & bruises are real life.... I edited the rest of these...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From My Front Porch...

I have this other little girl...

Who at any given time is probably eating dirt and hitting her head on sharp objects.
She hates to wear shoes and loves to get dirty.
She splashes in the dog bowl and unravels toilet paper.
She prefers to be naked and won't tolerate a bow.
And chances are, at any given time, she is making a huge mess and/or whining to go outside.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From My Front Porch...

I have this little girl...

Who at any given time is probably wearing a princess dress, high heels, a headband and some accessories.
She hates to get dirty and loves to wear fancy shoes.
She paints her nails and covets my makeup.
She insists on wearing a dress and a bow at all times.
And chances are, at any given time, she is either swinging or begging to go swing.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

12 Months

Today is the anniversary of our littlest daughter's birth!

Hadley June, at one year:

You weigh 20 pounds, 15 ounces and are 29" tall. (50th percentile for both)
You love to eat dirt

You walk but still crawl sometimes, using a "gorilla" crawl to protect your  knees

You love nursing and being in Mama's arms

You like meat, yogurt, and anything from my plate

You adore your big sister

You like to dance and jump on the trampoline

You throw a full out tantrum when you have to go inside after playing outside

You are nicknamed "the kissing bandit" at preschool

You are still plagued by ear infections

You climb and push anything and everything

You have made us into a crazy, giggly, happy foursome!

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