Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outta' the Mouths of Babes

At the grocery store the other day I accidently tooted. I moved the cart quickly, hoping people would assume it was the cart, or at least one of my babies. Until my “baby” called me out...

K: “Mama! uh-oh! Funny! Funny! Poop.”


Despite embarrassing me, I am amazed at Kherington’s rapidly accumulating knowledge. I often tell her that she is smart.
We have been practicing meeting and talking to new people:

M: “What is your name?

K: “Kerry-tin. Smart.” (nodding head)

M: “Yes, you are smart. How old are you?”

K: “tree!”

M: “No, honey, Harper is three. You are two.”

K: “Oh! Okay.”

M: “So how old are you?”

K: (pause) “dos!”

Smart, indeed.


At the dinner table:

M: “Will you eat some of your strawberries?”

K: “SURE! Ummy! Ummy pawperries.”

M: “How about some broccoli?”

K: “Mama! No, Mama! Ummy, no.” (while emphatically shaking her head) “Hondo eat?” (nodding yes)

Good try, kid.


Yesterday she discovered a microscopic cut on her knee that was scabbed over and a little red. I cleaned it and gave her a Dora band-aid. But being overly dramatic, she made sure anyone in a 100 mile radius knew about it.

K: “boo-boo hurts! Kiss, please.”

Everyone kindly obliged.

Last night I was in the bathroom. Kherington charged in and saw me using a panty liner.

K: “Mama, band-aid! Boo-boo?”



On another note, sweet Hadley is so laid-back, chill and cheerful. I am always saying “Happy, happy, happy Hadley!” while she smiles and coos at me.

At Kherington’s two year well check at the doctor:

Dr.: “What is your baby sister’s name?

K: “sister.”

M: “no, KherBear, what is sister’s name?”

K: “Haduh.” (pause. Nodding head) “Her happy.”



I guess we all have adjectives attached to our names now.
I just told Kherington she couldn't have a cookie before dinner, so I really hope mine isn’t “Mommy, mean!”

What would your adjective be?

What would you like it to be?
It isn’t too late to try and change it.

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Jenni said...

Love these stories!!! She is a pip!

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