Friday, March 30, 2012

On Grandparents

We hit the grandparent jackpot.

My kids have four young, involved, capable grandparents that love them fiercly.

My parents live close and see them a few times a week.

Skip's parents will drive the long way home just to swing by and see them.  And they bring diapers!

They volunteer to babysit. They help when they are needed.  They keep up with the kids and shower them with affection.

I know we've got it good.


and you knew there would be a "but," right?

Now I'm not complaining.  Let me make that clear.  I wouldn't change what we've got goin' on for anything.

And if I was going to complain I certainly wouldn't do it here when I know that they are 4 of the 5 people that actually read this blog.

But back to the "but..."


Please tell me your kids also act like complete beasts when their grandparents are around?!!

Grandmas let them do anything they want and don't enforce rules.  So even when we are there, too, my kids don't behave like they do at home.

They don't listen, their manners slack, and they feel entitled to anything in the world they could possibly want.

Which makes family vacations really fun.


But (yes, another "but") then there are those magical days when the grandparents whisk the kids away for a day.

And the parents think "bliss!  No kids, they are safe with grandma, no need to worry, I can do WHATEVER I WANT!"

And the kids think "bliss! I've got Grandma wrapped around my finger and this is going to be FUN!"

And when Grandma brings the kids back home she reflects on her day... "I got lots of gummy smiles and sticky kisses, made them really happy with that candy, and then got to drop them off and drive away. bliss!"

And we are left to our own devices to clean up the mess that is "a day at grandmas."

Am I right?

They didn't take a nap.

Or a bath.

They ate nothing but cheese puffs and chocolate milk all day.

They are missing their left sneaker and their favorite sippy cup.

You sent them with 7 diapers and they come home with 6.  (???!)

And speaking of diapers, the ones you change for the next day or so are downright frightening due to aforementioned cheese puff and chocolate milk diet.

And they have become accustomed to getting their way and running the show.

But mostly it is about that nap.

It is 11pm and I am recovering from a day at grandmas. 

But hey, at least I got that laundry done...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dear Kherington,

You are so much fun to be around these days!

You are energetic and playful and communicative.

You say the most adorable things...  some words with a cute but unexpected southern twang.

"OHH-kay Mama."  "One. two. three. four. Faaahyve."

You have never been a big snuggler. But in the mornings you lay on top of me like I'm your own personal lounge chair. At unexpected moments you throw you arms around me and say "Much Mommy!"  Or take my face in your hands, turn it toward you and lay on a big wet kiss.

You are always concerned with your sister.  Checking on her, helping her, feeding her, making sure I don't forget her anywhere.  When you wake up in the morning you ask if "Had-ee" is awake or sleeping.  When she wakes you say "Had-ee! Awake! Happy! Rise! Shine! Had-ee! Much! Sister hungry, Mama! Milk!"

You can command an audience.  Sometimes you demand everyone's attention so that you can "do a show."  You dance around and sing songs with made-up and random words.  You wait for our applause and then clap for yourself.

You used to ask for help a thousand times a day. But your independence is taking over and when we offer to help with something you want to do yourself, you shout "I TRY!" When you don't want to share you claim something as "Mies!"  And when you do share, you demand extra credit for doing so.

We have been drilling manners into you, and you have "thank you" down pat. Except you say "Nan Nu,"  Mork and Mindy style.  You are so good about thanking me for the hundreds of things I do for you in a day.  But God forbid I forget to say "you're welcome!"  If you thank someone and they don't acknowledge it, you will repeat yourself over and over, pull on them for attention, and get in their face until they say "you're welcome." But I'll take it.

You have a routine every night after we put you in bed, a script that Daddy started with you that you now demand before lights out.  We both say "night-night, sweet dreams, much!" And then you give us a kiss through every slat in your crib. It doesn't get any cuter than that.

You still love books. But a new favorite activity is playing on our smart phones.  You love Monkey Lunchbox and it amazes me what all you can do!  puzzles, counting, colors, bigger or smaller, matching memory games, etc.  Another favorite is a drag and drop puzzle game that gets progressively harder, with images of cows and other animals.

When I pick you up from school, I usually hear the following demands:  "Mama! Crackers! Juice! Cow Puzzle! Shoes Off! Dora! Pease!"

You are SLOWLY coming around to potty training.  Suspiciously you are most interested in trying right before nap time and bed time when you urgently squeeze your legs together and sit on the potty reading book after book insisting that you need to go. I know what you are up to, but it's not like I can discourage potty sitting right now!  You have had 3 or 4 successes and get the idea... I'm just waiting for you to decide you are ready to be a big girl.

And you are a big girl. I can't believe it.  I still call you "baby" and I dote on the babyness you still possess, like your golden curls and chubby thighs.

But each day you learn and grow and I cherish these moments along the way as you become your own person. You are smart and kindhearted and incredible.

I love you so very MUCH, KherBear.

From one Miss Manners to another, Mama



Monday, March 19, 2012

Bluebonnet Babies




The girls are in their beautiful Easter dresses from Pops & Dede.  :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


From My Front Porch has a new look!  If you are reading this in an email, go visit to check it out!

In other news...

Our girls were not themselves this week.

It was Spring Break.  Kherington had no school, refused most naps and food, was teething and quite cranky.  She even left a vicious bite mark on Hadley's cheek.

Hadley had an ear infection and thrush. She wasn't sleeping well and the medicines did a number on her tummy.

It was late in the evening.  The girls were both wearing only diapers and looking quite bedraggled with bed head and sticky faces.  Skip was holding a fussy Hadley.  Kherington was in my lap crying or throwing a fit about something.

Over the chaos I shouted to Skip.

Me: Spring break is fun, huh?!

Skip: hmmph! yeah.

Me: Topless girls and everything!

We had a laugh and a strong drink.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Months

Hadley June, you are five months old today!


Happy Hadley at five months:

You are averaged size but seem tiny to me after your chubby sister

You enjoy rice cereal

You are still undecided about bottles, but we've gotten you to take some

You love to squeal and scream and coo

You smile at everyone

You LOVE playing with your sister, even when she is rough and loud and on top of you!

You discovered the puppies

You roll back to front and are getting the hang of the tri-pod sit

You are good at grabbing toys, reaching for things, and moving things from hand to hand

You put everything in your mouth and gum it to death

You have a happy attitude that is infectious!

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