Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Months

Hadley June, you are five months old today!


Happy Hadley at five months:

You are averaged size but seem tiny to me after your chubby sister

You enjoy rice cereal

You are still undecided about bottles, but we've gotten you to take some

You love to squeal and scream and coo

You smile at everyone

You LOVE playing with your sister, even when she is rough and loud and on top of you!

You discovered the puppies

You roll back to front and are getting the hang of the tri-pod sit

You are good at grabbing toys, reaching for things, and moving things from hand to hand

You put everything in your mouth and gum it to death

You have a happy attitude that is infectious!

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KrisKay said...


Bobbie said...

Oh this makes me so sad, that she's already 5 mths and that I can't love on her!

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