Friday, March 30, 2012

On Grandparents

We hit the grandparent jackpot.

My kids have four young, involved, capable grandparents that love them fiercly.

My parents live close and see them a few times a week.

Skip's parents will drive the long way home just to swing by and see them.  And they bring diapers!

They volunteer to babysit. They help when they are needed.  They keep up with the kids and shower them with affection.

I know we've got it good.


and you knew there would be a "but," right?

Now I'm not complaining.  Let me make that clear.  I wouldn't change what we've got goin' on for anything.

And if I was going to complain I certainly wouldn't do it here when I know that they are 4 of the 5 people that actually read this blog.

But back to the "but..."


Please tell me your kids also act like complete beasts when their grandparents are around?!!

Grandmas let them do anything they want and don't enforce rules.  So even when we are there, too, my kids don't behave like they do at home.

They don't listen, their manners slack, and they feel entitled to anything in the world they could possibly want.

Which makes family vacations really fun.


But (yes, another "but") then there are those magical days when the grandparents whisk the kids away for a day.

And the parents think "bliss!  No kids, they are safe with grandma, no need to worry, I can do WHATEVER I WANT!"

And the kids think "bliss! I've got Grandma wrapped around my finger and this is going to be FUN!"

And when Grandma brings the kids back home she reflects on her day... "I got lots of gummy smiles and sticky kisses, made them really happy with that candy, and then got to drop them off and drive away. bliss!"

And we are left to our own devices to clean up the mess that is "a day at grandmas."

Am I right?

They didn't take a nap.

Or a bath.

They ate nothing but cheese puffs and chocolate milk all day.

They are missing their left sneaker and their favorite sippy cup.

You sent them with 7 diapers and they come home with 6.  (???!)

And speaking of diapers, the ones you change for the next day or so are downright frightening due to aforementioned cheese puff and chocolate milk diet.

And they have become accustomed to getting their way and running the show.

But mostly it is about that nap.

It is 11pm and I am recovering from a day at grandmas. 

But hey, at least I got that laundry done...


Indi said...

Hi,I am a Brazilian mother. I love your blog!

Bobbie said...

Well, to say my mother and I have had huge fights about this topic, would be an understatement. You deserve your sanity and grandparents have earned their fun. You've just got to decide what your non-negotiables are, and (try to) politely communicate that to said grandparents. Trust me when I tell you that it will be much better, the sooner you do it:)

Lindsey said...

How funny! And true. Luckly, my mom knows how strict I am with "healthy" foods and tries to stick to my wishes as much as possible when she's in charge.

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