Friday, April 13, 2012

Sh*t My Kids Said

The latest Kheringtonisms...

K: "Mama, I hungy. Eat nuts, pease." (pointing at some almonds)

Me: "Nope. Sorry honey, but we are eating dinner soon."
K: "Aw, nuts."


She has been sick with high fever, lethargy, and a lot of coughing.  At the dinner table, she starts a coughing fit.  After a bit she stops and has a confused look on her face.

K: "Somefing in mouth. yucky."

It was a loogie.
Skip and I are laughing... he is proud and I am gagging. 

And to take the cake...

Today I foolishly took both girls into Target when it was Kherington's nap time. Seriously, I know better.  She starts whining for me to buy her everything she sees. We are leaving a trail of hissy fits in our wake. People give me the evil eye.  We pass through the home decor section.
K: "Look! Mama, cocks!"
Me: "Yes, those are clocks.  cLocks."
And it repeats as I sheepishly try to get out of earshot of... well, everyone.
How long do you think I need to use the Target on the other side of town?

1 comment:

Mel Bowman said...

Ha! Make sure you write all these down somewhere. They're a hoot to go back and read after time has dulled the embarrassment.

My friend's son used to call clocks something that sounded very much like the F word.

My son is getting beyond the funny pronunciations, but he gets me into trouble in other ways. The last time I took him to his doctor, he made sure to have a (seemingly) endless conversation with him about my period. I swear his doctor lives for these types of conversations with his youngest patients. He certainly looked to be enjoying himself - his smile growing bigger the redder my cheeks got :-).

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