Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Family that Works Together, Stays Together

Hi. Remember me?

I've been really busy.

Is there a word that means busier than busy?

Because that's me.

Photography is only one of the things keeping me busy... which I love, but man am I swamped!

Sometimes I am so swamped that I need an assistant...

Kherington had to go with me last minute to an early morning shoot today.

She was taking her own photos, crouching down like me, saying the silly things I say, and trying to get the one year old baby to smile.  It. was. precious.

I wish I had a shot of us "working" side by side.

I've always been a supporter of family businesses.

On a related note, I've got news to share!

Thanks to a really supportive husband and family I am getting the opportunity to do photography full time!

I am so excited!  It makes me so happy and I love improving every single day.  The rewards are huge.

I will miss working with my Dad and family at the office, but I'm going to say involved and we still see each other plenty.

Time to spread my wings!

If you haven't already, please go check out Chelsea Lietz Photography on facebook!

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