Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm sorry I've been MIA.

Owning my own business is keeping me busy!

But man do I LOVE IT!  I'm working hard on making a few changes, upgrades, and marketing decisions. Business is growing steadily, but that doesn't mean I'm not nervous as hell about making this work.

I never dreamed I would find myself here.  And so happy and so fulfilled.  This job totally rocks.

Almost as much as being a Mom.

These crazy kids never cease to amaze me!

Kherington is whipping out complex thoughts and an abundance of personality. Her picky eating is getting much better and she is excited for summertime... namely, swimming! The moment she opens her eyes in the morning she asks to play dress up, and she goes to bed pouting that we wouldn't let her wear her blue frilly princess dress and blue plastic shoes to bed. Where did this princess thing come from!?!?

Hadley is still having ear infection issues and I believe she will be getting tubes in 2-3 weeks. She crawls, she pulls herself up to standing on occaision, and I know I keep saying this, but she manages to find some really strange things to put in her mouth.  A dead wasp was fun.

Skip is busy running the ranch, managing family and business assets, trying his hand at some building and development, and blowing off steam with golf and fishing. When we can both get away we go dancing; we just saw Don Williams for our fourth time. I hope the Gentle Giant never dies.

So though you may not be "hearing" from us much, we are alive and well, enjoying our front porch...  Watching the kids play and the garden grow and the horses graze.  {And here lately, watching the durn bull bust through the fence!}

I'm tempted to quote a Tim McGraw song about where the green grass grows, or a Lonestar song about the view looking in from the front porch. 

But instead I'll just assure you that life is very, very good from our front porch. Fill in your own contented country song.


Jenni said...

a dead wasp?? ugh.

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