Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 Months

Kherington is two and a half today! (going on 15!)

KherBear, at 30 months:

You weigh 35 pounds

You wear 3t clothing and 7.5 shoes

You are still working on potty training {sigh}

You love to play dress up(!!!) You have a box of tutus, tiaras, costumes, shoes, gloves, etc. You also love to pilfer my closet- especially my high heeled pumps.

You are into princesses (don't ask me how/why!)

You insist on dressing yourself

You change your shoes about a dozen times a day, most nights you sleep in them

You still love to sing and dance; you have a song for everything that goes like this: "This is my ______ song! This is my ______ song! I love _____, so this is my _____ song!" (filled in with carebear, ice cream, princess, Mama, etc!)

You love to play with your little sister but are often too rough  {and sometimes downright jealous}

Your adorable face makes it really tough to stay mad at you

You are a picky eater but getting better. Favorites include pizza, all fruit, chocolate, milk, nutri grain bars, pancakes, nuts, crackers and marshmallows.

Your vocabulary is extensive and you communicate very well.  But many words still need to be translated and you say some things (adorably) wrong.  When you get out of the pool or bath you say "Mama, dry me up!"  When you need me to fasten a sandal or tie a string on your outfit you say "strap me in!"  And of course milk is still "ilk" and monkey is still "ooh-ooh."

You love going to church, school, the grocery store, and the doctor

You like to watch Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Care Bears, Elmo, Barney, Mickey Mouse and Tangled

You are an avid reader, bringing us books or pretending to read to your babies, stuffed animals, and little sister

You always want to be outside, especially swimming

You are the coolest 2.5 year old I know!


KrisKay said...

She's so precious!! But Chels.. isn't it 30 months? Don't rush her to 3! :)

3 dogs and a baby said...

Wow, she's gotten so big! Feels like forever since we've seen you guys. Kate's also into princesses (has been for a while), and I also have no idea how that happened?!?! I totally support little girls playing in dirt, but somehow they all fall prey to the princesses! Maybe it's ingrained in all girls and they just have to get it out of their system!

Cute cute cute!

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