Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travelin' Bug

A few weeks ago Hadley went on her first airplane ride. She went with me to North Carolina and was a trooper! We left our house at 5am and finally landed in Moorehead City at 6pm. A three hour layover in Atlanta became a SEVEN hour layover... with a busy nine month old. She cruised and crawled every filthy inch of that terminal and put several questionable things in her mouth. We logged a few miles walking gate to gate, Hadley napping in the ergo carrier and Mama people-watching. She ate a lot of crackers and played with every single thing in the diaper bag... a hundred times. (I'd even packed a book for myself. HA HA HA. That was wishful thinking.) But we survived and she was a great traveler!

Atlantic Beach pics coming soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family is Forever

A few months ago we traveled with the Lietz/Elmore crew to Abilene to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Skip's grandparents, Ma & Papa Don.

How adorable are they?!

60 years... that's really something special!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don't Blink

My parents taught me from a young age to embrace life and enjoy every moment... that sometimes the simple things are the big things.

I've always seen the beauty in the world and embraced the common everyday moments that make up a life.

I dreamed of a family and I knew I wanted to be present in the lives of my children. {and spouse!}

When that adventure began I was blessed beyond measure to take my babies to work with me.  Because it was important to me- to hold them close and to work.

And now I am even further blessed to own my own business that makes me crazy happy, and to be home with my children. The best of both worlds.

I know I've got it good.  But sometimes it is easy to forget- when clients are waiting for their photos, Kherington has peed on the floor, Hadley is crying and pulling at my legs (and shirt!), dinner is about to burn, the dog needs to go out, the phone is ringing, the laundry needs to be put away, the dishes are dirty, etc, etc.

So sometimes I need a gentle reminder to appreciate what I've been given and to slow down and LIVE each moment. They go so very fast.

One of my favorite people, Hadley's God Mother, shared this music video and it really hit home.

I get to be home with my kids.  I GET TO BE HOME WITH MY KIDS.

I don't have to miss their big moments.  Or even their small ones.

The song reinforces my blessings and reminds me not to take them for granted.  When I get down on the floor to play with my girls, I leave the phone and the computer and the TV out of it. (though sometimes not the camera!) I AM PRESENT.

That's the goal, and this is the reminder...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Months

Hadley is ten months old today!

"Short Stack" (as Daddy calls you) at 10 months:

You weigh just over 20 pounds and are petite

You cruise and walk while pushing something

You got tubes put in your ears, flew on an airplane, and visited your first beach

You love yogurt, beans, ham, oatmeal, baby puffs, and fish

You are happy and laid-back

You still put everything you find in your mouth, mostly hair

You have a tooth and a half

You love playing with older kids

You got a haircut by Mama because I couldn't stand your rat tail any longer

You are fascinated by dogs and cats

You give kisses and high fives, wave, and sign "milk"

You say "DaDa" at the appropriate times

You climb better than a sherpa... it's frightening!

You are busy and joyful and easy to love!

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