Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lil' Punkins

Last week was picture day at preschool.  Seeing as I'm a photographer, I never buy their photos.  But I still dress the girls up and cross my fingers just in case they get a magical shot that I've never gotten.

But this year...
chances were slim.

Hadley had a black eye and a bruise on her cheek from the many tumbles she takes as she navigates the world on still shaky legs. Kherington had fallen out of her chair at the dinner table and busted her chin open.

But they were still cute!
Then on the way to the car Kherington tripped and slammed face-first into the pebble sidewalk.  We added a busted, bloody lip, a scraped nose, and a CHIPPED TOOTH to the mix.


I haven't seen the photos yet.  But I obviously had to get some of my own.

Here is the evidence:
(I should have gotten close-ups)

And while I love shots of them just as they are because bumps & bruises are real life.... I edited the rest of these...

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Anonymous said...

EEK ,....... love there outfits !!! Awesome pictures as always :-)

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